Tax lawyers specialize in sophisticated and technical tax laws. With their vast knowledge and skills in the tax field, they are well-suited to handle any legal or technical problems related to your taxes. Whether it`s consulting to avoid issues or needing to hire an attorney after having tax-related problems, a tax lawyer will come in handy if you have an issue with your taxes. At, you will find some of the best tax lawyers who will assist you with your tax predicament.

Typically, a tax attorney stands in for clients before local, state, and federal taxing authorities. What`s more, they also represent clients or businesses that the IRS is auditing. Aside from this, here are some other reasons why you might need a tax lawyer;

1. Filling your tax returns

While this might sound like an accountant`s job, there are numerous tax laws and duties that you require fulfilling, and a tax attorney knows all about them. There`s no need to learn all these tax laws and duties when you can hire or consult a lawyer.

All ventures have to file their returns accordingly from inception to avoid fines and audits from the IRS. Once you hire a lawyer, you no longer have to spend your time worrying about these issues.

2. Representation before IRS or any other tax authority

If the IRS notifies you of an issue with your taxes, it is necessary to have an adequate tax audit defense, and this is where a tax attorney comes in. He or she will speak on your behalf when you`re summoned by IRS, local, or state authorities for a tax audit. Your tax lawyer will negotiate for a suitable settlement with the tax authority that has summoned you.

3. IRS sends you a CP notice

A CP notice is a notification sent by the IRS to update you on a due balance or an irregularity on your tax returns. A tax lawyer will explain the whole situation in detail and confirm if the irregularity is an error. Additionally, he or she can prepare a suitable defense before the IRS if the CP notice is specious.


These are among the many reasons why you might need a tax lawyer with a lot of experience in dealing with the IRS and settling tax issues. They will assist you or your business in dealing with any tax issues and representing you before the IRS, if necessary.